Inspired by the story of Marjorie MacBeath, the founder's great, great grandmother, who brewed and distilled illicitly on her Sutherland croft.

Our Story

Introducing Our Botanical Spirit

Launching in September 2024…

Our first botanical spirit is made with Oats, Elderflower, Heather and Scots Pine.

  • Oats

  • Elderflower

  • Heather

  • Scots Pine

  • Heritage Inspired

    Our botanical spirits are inspired by Marjorie’s rebellious nature and creative distillation methods.

  • Passionate About Taste

    Our botanical spirits are made using oats and other botanicals that Marjorie had access to, such as flowers, fruits and plants, influenced by our beautiful Highland countryside, which we are blessed to call our home.

  • Driven by Purpose

    Our ambition is to be a force for
    good in the Kyle of Sutherland. For every bottle sale, £1 will be generated to support local charities within the community.

The Gledfield Distillery Story

Hello, I'm the founder of Gledfield Distillery, which was born from my passion to bring my great, great grandmother's ancient botanical spirit back to life.
Join me if you dare to be different...
Yours aye,

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